So I started a web page…

I’ve been meaning to create a website to host my brewing shenanigans for quite some time. I even reserved the domain name a few months back. I’m not sure what will come of all this, but at least it’s a nice place to share my tinkering and love of homebrew with the world.

Part of the reason it took me a while to get this going is that I really have no experience with creating a website. I started out with my service providers page creation tools, but found them confusing and a bit on the expensive side. When my free trial of that ended the whole site disappeared! I needed a break the other day so I did some research and landed on WordPress. It is still a very confusing process for me, but the price is right!

I can’t promise I’ll update this thing all that often, but I will do my best to make it at least a little interesting when I do.

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